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Throughout the year, there are lots of opportunities and great reasons to hold your own, private firework display. Fireworks are the perfect way to celebrate your special occasion, be it for a birthday party, Bat Mitzvah, Christmas celebrations, Halloween, Housewarming, Diwali or an Engagement party; the list is endless.

Private Firework Displays

There are two ways of holding a private firework display. The first is that you can organise the display yourself. This will mean choosing the fireworks, purchasing them, getting them delivered or picking them up and then storing them safely, without them getting damp. Then, on the day of your display, you will need to stake out your fireworks. Staking out, is the method in which you support the fireworks to stop them falling over in the middle of your private firework display and injuring any of your guests. Or, at the very least, scaring them half to death!

Firework Celebrations

The difference between a public and a private firework display is simple: Will members of the public be present? If the answer is yes, then you will have extra obligations (and expense) to consider. For a public display, insurance is a must and can take out a significant chunk of your budget and you will need to have people in control of the crowd too. Private displays are less restrictive, but remember, if your fireworks damage someone else’s property you could still be liable for the damage

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The other way to organise your private firework display is to call in the professionals. This way, all you have to do, is sit back and enjoy the show. You don’t have all the responsibility of making sure that your display safe and under control; it’s all done for you. When you employ a professional firework company, such as Firework Store Ltd, to put on a private firework display, we are obligated to conduct a site survey, prepare risk assessments, and furnish the customer with an up to date public liability certificate.