The time of day that you hold your display is entirely up to you, but we do find that the best time for a firework display is shortly after dusk. There is a law in the UK, however, that means that you are not allowed to let fireworks off after 11.00 in the evening. The only exceptions to this rule are for special occasions, such November 5th, New Year’s Eve, Diwali, or the Chinese New Year.

The length of time it will take us to set up a firework display is dependent on the type and size of the show and whether it is a hand fired show, electrically fired display or even a pyro-musical production. For example, a five minute wedding firework display will take approximately 2 ½ hours to setup, a 20 minute School firework Display around 3 ½ hours and, a full Pyro-musical firework display will take about 8 hours to set up.

We use special rain proof equipment, such as plastic igniter cords, to ensure that a firework display can go ahead, even if it rains. We have never had to cancel a display due to rain in over fifteen years and have only ever had to cancel one display due to high winds, and that was when there was a gale warning in force on the day, so it is very unlikely that your event will need to be cancelled.

The Civil Aviation Authority has to be notified if your display is to be held on a flight path, near to an airport, or near to a location where other private aircraft, helicopters etc. are known to be in the vicinity. In these cases, notification the Civil Aviation Authority is mandatory and this is covered as a part of our compressive risk assessment that we carry out for all of our displays.

To secure your booking, we ask for a deposit to be made of one third the total cost of the firework display, in advance, preferably by bank transfer direct to our bank account.

All members of staff are required to be BPA qualified, and trained to British Pyrotechnics Association standards. As soon as any new member of staff joins us, they too are automatically required to attend the next available, BPA course.

What mess? All Firework Display debris is picked up, taken away and disposed of professionally. Our team of firework technicians are all trained to BPA standards, and they will ensure a safe and trouble free firework display and clean up afterward too.

We hold comprehensive public liability insurance to the tune of £10 million pounds. A copy of our insurance details will be submitted to yourselves, or the venue hosting the Firework Display, along with the method statement, and a detailed risk assessment.

I trust that we have answered any outstanding questions that you might have had with regards to your firework display, But, please do contact us for any more information, if we have not covered everything for you.

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