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Wedding Fireworks

Wedding Fireworks

If you are considering having a wedding firework display at your reception then, the first thing you must do is to find out is whether the venue allows fireworks, because not all venues will allow them for the following reasons. 1. It might be that the venue feels that it has insufficient grounds to put on a safe display. 2. There could be a nearby farm or equestrian centre and the farmer is concerned about his livestock. 3. The venue may have received complaints from neighbours about noise in the past and therefore noise nuisance considerations are high on their agenda.

Fireworks for the Wedding Reception

Whatever the reason, we have probably heard their concerns before. So, if you have asked the venue and they have refused permission, then please do let us know because we could talk to them on your behalf, and suggest a quiet display of pyrotechnics, Jets, Gerbs, and Lance Work, all of which will help to keep the noise to a minimum. We can easily minimise the nuisance factor by diligent use of quite fireworks, known as low report fireworks, of which there is a large selection available to choose from these days. We can also arrange slightly more modest displays, should the space available for a display at the venue be limited. Another important consideration for a wedding firework display is the budget, so here is a summary of the different levels of service that we can provide.

Smaller Firework Display

The smallest firework displays that we can offer start at £650, for approximately five minutes of fireworks. This display includes the necessary risk assessment and public liability insurance and the attendance of qualified firework technicians on the day.

The Most Popular Display

Our most popular wedding firework display, and the most cost efficient one, is one that costs £1,000 for ten minutes of fireworks. The reason that you get so many more fireworks for just a small increase in price, from our cheapest display, is that the cost of the attending firework technicians, the risk assessment and public liability insurance are exactly the same, so all your extra money goes on the extra fireworks.

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