School Fireworks

School Firework Displays

We put these high levels of demand, down to what we call, the mummy I want Syndrome, the huge amount of pressure put on parents by their children to go to the first firework display of the season. Other factors that can determine the level of demand for a school firework display are, of course, term dates and number of other schools in the region holding displays on the same day. So, it’s always a good idea to do your homework, before you decide on the date for your own school firework display

PTA Firework Displays

Firework Store Ltd organise firework displays for schools, and colleges, throughout the year for events such as debutante balls, school proms, and, of course, bonfire night. We have found over the past fifteen to twenty years of School Firework Displays, that the Mid October Firework Displays tend to be the best attended, even as far to say that some schools have had to put a limit on how many people can enter the grounds from a safety point of view.

PTA School Fireworks

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