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Fireworks For Your Event or Product Launch

Firework Store Ltd can supply corporate firework displays, organised and delivered in a number of different ways. We can use a hand firing techniques using portfires which are long, thin, hand held, cardboard torches that burn with a two inch intense flame for about four or five minutes. Several Portfires might be needed to complete one show. All the fireworks are laid out in the designated firing area prior to the display, and then the technicians walk, from one firework, to the next firework, lighting them with portfires, sometimes lighting two or three at any one time. A linked firework Display is one where the fireworks are placed relatively close together and the fireworks used have both an in-fuse, and an out-fuse, on them. The fuses are joined together in series and so, when one firework finishes the next one starts automatically.

State of the Art Electronically Fired Firework Systems

Electrically fired firework displays are probably the most popular way of conducting a firework show and there are a number of different firing systems on the market. The firing system that we tend to favour is a system called the Pyroshure, Corporate Firework Displays can run from just a few minutes, through to a full length production that includes lasers and synchronised music. A full length display will last for at least 10 minutes. Most of our corporate Firework Displays are bespoke, so if you are considering a corporate firework display, please contact us to arrange a free meeting and we will be happy to discuss your display with you, without any obligation or charge.